Our purpose is to strenghten and develop intermodality in transportation and logistics.
UIR has a role of connection, through its main activities:

Information and datas collection

We are constantly in connection with the confederal world to control and motivate the legislative action and all the activities directed to improve the efficiency of the national logistic system.
We have recurring surveys to support with actual datas the decisions of policy-makers.

Image defense

We promote a legislative project of reform in the field of freight terminals, to highlight the strategic role of these infrastructures and encourage a better balance among all levels of politics: national, regional and local. This is a profitable way to intervene in the matter of infrastructural equipment necessary to logistics.

Assistance for the members

We have a team of ptofessionals dedicated to the analysis of regulatory and technical issues that may interfere with the activity carried out by the managers, to improve the system or mitigate its effects or, simply, to favor a correct and uniform interpretation.


We carry out a scouting action to identify best practices to be promoted among the members to perfect extendable agreements to maximize economies of scale


We actively participate in initiatives of animation and divulgation of a new logistic culture, where sustainability is supported by balanced factors, We are involved in activities of development of new highly skilled professional profiles.


Unione Interporti Riuniti

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